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Each verb in CroDeriV is segmented into lexical and derivational morphemes. Verbs of the same root are mutually linked. This procedure enables the recognition of derivationally related families of verbs and, at the same time, the detection of full derivational spans of particular base forms. The strucutre of the database enables the recognition of generalized morphological structure applicable to all Croatian verbs. It consists of four slots for derivational prefixes and three slots for derivational suffixes on each side of a lexical morpheme


  • What is CroDeriV?

    CroDeriV is a morphological database of Croatian verbs.

  • Size of CroDeriV:
    • Verbs: 14491

    • Nouns: 2

  • Lexical Entry in CroDeriV:
    • Verbs in infinitive form (in Croatian marked with endings -ti / -ći)
    • Nouns in Nominative Singular form

Morphological structure of CroDeriV:

  • Each verb in CroDeriV is segmented into lexical and derivational morphemes. Derivational morphemes comprise prefixes and suffixes. The structure for all analyzed verbs consists of 11 morpheme slots and covers all combinations of recorded lexical and grammatical morphemes. There are four types of slots for morphemes:

    • Derivational prefixes (four slots)
    • Lexical part (three slots – in the majority of cases only one is filled, the three slots are provided for verbal compounds of two roots and an interfix)
    • Derivational and conjugational suffixes (three slots)
    • Infinitive ending (one slot)

    The overall morphological structure of verbs in CroDeriV is:
    (P4) (P3) (P2) (P1) (L2) (I) L1 (S3) S2 S1 END

    • P = prefix
    • L = lexical morpheme (Stem)
    • I = interfix
    • S = suffix
    • END = infinitive ending
    • () = optional element

    The metadata in lexical entries indicate verbal aspect and types of reflexivity.